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EVA All-in-one Transparent Waterproof Sheet, VE All-in-one Transparent Waterproof Sheet, EVA All-in-one Embossed Waterproof Sheet, ECB Separate-type Waterproof Sheet, ECB All-in-one Waterproof Sheet
EVA, which stands for Ethylene Vinyl Acetate that is a kind of chemical resins, and ECB which stands for Ethylene Copolymer Bitumen have the following characteristics.
Both materials have excellent durability and make it possible to carry out thermal adhesion between junctures of each sheet. And it is possible to realize the perfect waterproof by testing the adhesion performance, based on the observation of high-pressure air inserted into the adhered parts.
Thickness : 1, 1.2, 1.5, 1.8, 2.0mm
Width : 2100mm
Length : 10m~30m
Tunnel sheet waterproof for road
Tunnel sheet waterproof for railway
Tunnel sheet waterproof for subway
Sheet waterproof for underground pass
Artificial lakes, dams, ponds, swimming pools, water tanks, etc.
Sheet waterproof for other underground structures
All-in-one All-in-one/Embossing Separate All-in-one All-in-one/Transparent
Whether or not to use Roundels Unused Unused Used Unused Unused
Structure of waterproof sheet -Translucent or transparent
-Good flexibility
-Waterproof sheet combined with non-woven fabric
-Embossed sheet
-Good flexibility
-Waterproof sheet combined with non-woven fabric
-Opaque black or white, insufficient flexibility at normal temperature -Opaque black or white, insufficient flexibility at normal temperature
-Waterproof sheet combined with non-woven fabric
-Transparent & Good flexibility
-Waterproof sheet combined with non-woven fabric
Workability Good Good Inferior Good Good
Economical efficiency Good - Average Good Worst
Effectiveness Good Best Average Good Good
Comprehensive review -Possible to carry out easy construction due to the good flexibility, sticking sheets into flexion of shotcrete in side the tunnel
-Economical construction works
-Curtailing work period
-Making up for the weak points like drooping of waterproof sheets at ceiling part or occurring damages, which are regarded as problems of the construction method
-Good condition for concrete placement
-Inevitable damage on waterproof sheet due to use of roundels, and poor workability due to complicated processes -Improvement of poor workability of the separate type