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E.C.B waterproof sheet - Separable t : 2.0m/m
All-in-one transparent waterproof sheet - t : 1.2m/m, 1.5m/m, 2.0m/m
ECB Waterproof Sheet
Sheet and non-woven fabric damage by high heat upon bonding rounder waterproof sheet
Precision construction is impossible, because of opaque sheet(heat adhesion on the roundel)
Material consumption is huge, because of excessive sheet thickness(67% excessive requirement)
Work process is complex - Working hours are excessive
All-in-one Waterproof Sheet
In case of lining concrete cast-in, a being drawn phenomenon is generated, due to pressure of waterproof sheet at the shotcrete -Sinking or damage of waterproof sheet at the ceiling is caused
Difficulty in acquiring lining thickness in case of sinking of waterproof sheet at the ceiling becomes an important cause of vertical crack
Construction is inevitable for connection passage, shelter, curve section with separable waterproof sheet
1. Unevenness is caused, casting-in shotcrete on the uneven surface is conducted in case of tunnel rock blast and digging in
2. In case of lining concrete cast-in, waterproof sheet is compressed on the uneven surface of shotcrete, and thus, waterproof sheet sinks to the lining concrete cast-in location
3. Because tension strength of waterproof sheet (160kgf/cm2, elongation rate:600%) is much higher than the non-woven fabric (tension strength:14kgf/cm2, elongation rate:50%) fixing the sheet, the non-woven fabric droops, and then waterproof sheet sinks, and in an extreme case, damage to the waterproof sheet is caused
4. The sinking of waterproof sheet becomes an important cause of vertical crack, because thickness acquisition is impossible upon lining concrete cast-in
Compression levels at vertical and horizontal axis may be rectified as the embossed waterproof sheet may correspond to the dragging caused by compressing the waterproof sheet, which takes place when placing lining concrete
It helps get better condition of concrete placement than plain sheets