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Making up for the weak points of Separate type waterproof sheet
The same construction sequence and method for the Separate type as those of EVA
No damage on sheets and non-woven fabrics due to high temperature when carrying out installing roundels and adhering waterproof sheets
Convenient work process
Thickness t=2.0m/m
Test items Testing method KS Standards of Korea Expressway corporation Unit
Thickness KSF 4911 more than 1.2 more than 1.2 mm
Tensile strength (Length/Width) KSF 4911 more than 10 more than 16 MPa
Elongation rate (Length/Width) KSF 4911 more than 450 more than 600 %
Tensile modules KS M ISO 527-1, 527-3 - below 100 MPa
Tear resistance (Length/Width) KSF 4911 more than 40 more than 60 N/mm
Thermal expansion and contraction When expanded KSF 4911 below 2.0 below 2.0 mm
When contracted below 6.0 below 6.0