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EVA has excellent flexibility(tenderness), is strong against internal impact, and good for impact prevention and absorption
EVA is the product suitable for insulation, keeping warm, and vibration prevention
EVA is much lower in price compared to other products
Inner cushioning material for various product cases and high quality packing materials
Various children's toys and supplies
Protection gear and safety goods for various sports, leisure goods
For bag molding and various handles of fishing rods
Learning materials for schools, companies, kindergartens
Industrial facilities and complementary goods
Supplementary materials for embroidery of hats and clothing
Garment and sundries including bags
Construction materials for sound proof, insulation, and noise interception between floors
Car interior goods and shock absorption goods
Color Thickness(mm) Width(mm) Usage
Transparent Semitransparnt Color 0.1~3 900~2100 Alternative eco-products of PVC Ship, automobiles, bags, shoes, hats, marquee, curtains, beach bags, zipper bags, stationery packing cases, injection molds, toys, sport goods, rain coats, umbrellas, clothing overs, bed covers, home appliance product covers, raw material of tapes, medical device packing, etc.
There are black, white, red, yellow, blue, transparent colors and 20 other colors
Customized production from 0.1T~3T. Embossing order possible