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EVA LamiGlass film for interior use is laminated glass film produced by the process in which films are put between two more of plate glasses and heated so as to acquire aesthetic attributes and tempered glass, including safety, durability, noise prevention, and ultraviolet rays and heat protection
Excellent durability and outstanding adhesive power
Make the product look clear with high transparency
Minimize contraction deriving from heat
Time and cost can be cut, since work is possible under low temperature
Thickness : 0.25mm, 0.38mm, 0.76mm
Width up to maximum 2000mm
Laminate by putting EVA film between two or more of plate glasses or the laminated objects, and heating it.
On the desired size of plate glass, put EVA film, the laminated object, film, and plate glass in order, and conduct finishing the four sides of the plate glasses with silicon ring or silicon bag.
Then, vacuum compress under 80C ~90C with the burner, and laminate the flexible EVA film and laminated object between the plate glass.
Color Thickness(mm) Width(mm) Length(mm) Usage
Transparent 0.25 2000 100 Interior glass lamination, fabric lamination, balcony windows, home appliances, metals, shoes, woods, sink, built-in wardrobe, etc.
Windows for kindergartens and schools where safety is required.
0.38 2000 50
0.76 2000 50
According to user's demand, the film with various sizes(up to 2000mm) and colors can be produced.