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Safe glass manufactured through the process of hardening with ultraviolet light and heat by evenly injecting polymer chemical resin between glasses.
In case of strong impact from natural disaster, gas explosion, earth quake, and fire, glass pieces are not scattered, so human body can be safety protected from fatal injury.
Noise interception
Maintain quiet indoor environment by more efficiently absorbing traffic noise and construction noise from the surroundings.

Crime and privacy infringement prevention
Effectively prevent threats and property damages from external intrusion, and keep privacy with beautiful colors and density.
Insulation and ultraviolet control
Save energy by maximally preventing indoor heat loss, and provide good lighting effect through efficient interruption of harmful ultraviolet and other solar rays.

For construction
Used for windows, glass doors and lighting roofs, Especially, suitable for earthquake resistance-designed buildings, and also should be constructed in the places where children are including general households of kindergartens.

For interior
Suitable for unique indoor atmosphere presentation including installations on the walls, and floors, partitions, and lighting decoration.

For furniture
Applicable to color glass of various installations. Especially, color glass table harmonious with indoor can make the sense of color fashion more conspicuous.
Crime prevention, sound-proof windows, glass doors, show windows
Color glass, mirror for interior use
Table glass for furniture
Living room windows for apartments and multiplex houses
Security maintaining and the place where privacy protection is needed
Semitransparent and opaque glass for shower room
For partition of offices and studio apartments