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As the stretch film to preserve and protect products during short distance transport. DH-Stretch film has 3-layer structure, and its elongation is superior, and strength against tearing is great. We provide hand wraps and machine wraps with various sizes and types
Hand wrap
Anyone can easily use this.
Definition, strength, and strength against being torn are excellent.
Suitable for small quantity objects with standard or irregular shape.
No adhesive remnant is left on the object, due to adhesive power of the film itself.
Machine wrap
Adhesive power is excellent, and the strength against being torn is great.
Suitable for various machine wrap packing.
Increase the economic efficiency of the film with 300% of strength and elongation, and improve the fixation power of and object.
Thickness(mic) Width(mm) Length(m)
15 500 2,400
20 500 1,800
25 500 1,400
30 500 1,200
Packing material use amount per unit area can be saved, because of superior elongation rate and contractibility with 3-layer film
Damage is prevented from shaking or external stress, thanks to outstanding elasticity and adhesiveness suitable for wrapping
Excellent strength against external impact and being torn at corners
Auxiliary expense saving effect, because no separate worker and subsidiary device are necessary
Enhance the value of goods, thanks to superior transparency and gloss, and wrapping is possible, irrelevant of the wrapped object types and shapes
Wrapping objects like aluminum cans and bricks that can be easily scattered
Wrapping exported goods loaded in the container
Wrapping raw thread pallet
Effects of rust and decoloration prevention and protection of wrapped objects, thanks to prevention of external humidity and alien substances